What is BTCX Token?

The impact of Bitcoin on other cryptocurrencies is apparent. Bitcoin, like any other technology, has the potential to be improved. BTCX Token was created to enhance Bitcoin. We are using Bitcoin's advantages and offering next-generation functionality by merging hyper deflationary features with additional utilities such as staking and our own blockchain.
Hyper-Deflationary Burning Algorithm
Proof of Stake consensus model with rewards
Xin Blockchain Technology

Ethereum's smart contract features and adaptability put it second only to Bitcoin. This makes BTCX Token more eco & user friendly than Bitcoin.

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You'll need a wallet to participate; you can download Metamask or Trustwallet. Open this page in the wallet's Dapp browser, then tap on the connect button and tap metamask.

If you prefer using other wallet apps, mobile phone wallets or browsers, You're equally covered! Just connect via the Wallet Connect option and scan the QR code.


Buy with ETH or USDT on the Ethereum Chain or BNB or USDT on the Binance Chain. Enter the quantity of ETH or BTCX tokens to buy and click the purchase button.

A quick reminder to keep enough ETH or BNB in your wallet to pay gas charges. Your wallet reserves 0.01 ETH (~$30) or 0.0025BNB (~$1) for GAS expenses to prevent transaction failures.


After the final presale round, you'll have the exclusive chance to claim your tokens before we launch on Uniswap and other centralized exchanges.

We'll notify you of claiming and launch dates. Please note that note that claiming and trading BTCX is possible ONLY via Ethereum network. Exciting times ahead!

Initial Round In Progress

Total Tokens1,750,000 BTCX
Current price$0.85
Total Raise$1,487,000
  1. PHASE 1

    Public presale

    5,250,000 BTCX tokens will be sold in three presale rounds. The soft cap is $1.7 million, first round price is $0.85, with a $0.01 increase after each round. Raised funds will support the Liquidity, CEX Listings, future development, advertising, and collaborations.

  2. PHASE 2

    Launch and staking Deployment

    During this phase, we will launch BTCX on major Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges and activate staking. Staking will enable users to earn rewards for holding their tokens, thereby incentivizing network participation and contributing to its security.

  3. PHASE 3

    Combusion Model Integration

    We will incorporate a combustion mechanism to increase the value of BTCX Tokens and ensure long-term viability. This method periodically reduces the quantity of BTCX Token, boosting their value due to scarcity. This method boosts token value and compensates long-term holders.

  4. PHASE 4

    Development and Expansion

    As we venture into this exciting phase, our main objective is to enrich the BTCX Project by integrating innovative features and broadening its capabilities. This isn't just for show - these enhancements are set to unlock a plethora of utilities, luring in a wave of new users.

  5. PHASE 5

    Long term Viability

    As we move into the future, our goal is to ensure the long-term viability of the BTCX Project. This will in­volve ongoing development, community engagement, and partner­ships with other projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Frequently Asked Questions

BTCX Token is a green deflationary cryptocurrency that aims to change the dynamics of bitcoins in the crypto world. BTCX Token is a hybrid of bitcoin's traditional financial concepts with Ethereum blockchain technologies.

We are using Bitcoin's advantages and offering next-generation functionality by merging hyper deflationary features with additional utilities such as staking and our own blockchain.

Because of Ethereum's POS architecture, the BTCX Token can also be staked. This not only compensates you but also elevates the importance of BTCX Token above Bitcoin.

Consider an upgraded version of Bitcoin that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. That brings us to BTCX Token. The overall supply is 21 million BTCX tokens.

25% (5,250,000 BTCX tokens) will be made available to the public through an initial presale. This presents an amazing opportunity for crypto investors to get in early.

41% (8,610,000 BTCX tokens) will be locked in the combustion contract, earmarked for future burning. This is a strategic move to potentially increase the value of remaining tokens.

24% (5,040,000 BTCX tokens) will be locked in the staking contract. This stash is set aside for staking reward re-distribution to holders.

10% of the total supply, that is, 2.1 million BTCX tokens, are allocated for DEX and CEX listings.

Upon launch, all contracts will be renounced, handing over the controls to the community.

We're launching the BTCX Token with a presale to give everyone a chance to buy the BTCX Token at an affordable price and be a part of the initial Marketcap of $7.5 million before it goes public and explodes. We will sell a total of 1,750,000 BTCX tokens in each presale round, for a total of 5,250,000 BTCX tokens in three rounds. The original sale price is $0.85, with a $0.01 increase after each round.

Don't pass up this chance to join the next major trend in bitcoin!

What, the Bitcoin boat pass you by? Don't worry if you missed the boat the first time around; BTCX Token is here to give you a second shot. It's a cheaper and more convenient alternative to Bitcoin that also allows you to stake BTCX tokens for an attractive passive income.

While regular people may find Bitcoin mining to be too expensive, BTCX Token has made it possible for anybody to participate. The purchase and staking of BTCX Tokens now yields extra rewards. This comes as a cherry on top of the gradual token price inflation induced from creating scarcity.

After the thrilling presale, you must claim your BTCX tokens right here, on our website. Keep an eye out for updates! The specific dates and hours for the claim and launch will be announced on our official channels. Let the countdown begin!

Consider a future in which you can both secure a network and generate passive income. This is the power of Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocols. They've shown that staking over time to cultivate income is not only feasible, but also clever. The same principle is now being used to BTCX's staking contract, which is designed to distribute rewards in proportion to the amount staked. Simply put, the higher your stake, the greater your reward!

BTCX Token perceives the burning mechanism as a suitable strategy to act like the bitcoin halving process. Burning serves as a definitive way to permanently remove coins from circulation, augmenting the deflationary nature of the token. The intentional reduction of coin supply through burning is expected to create increased demand and potential value appreciation for the remaining tokens in a short time period.

For any inquiries or technical assistance, please feel free to reach out to us by joining our Telegram group. We are more than willing to provide the support you need. For any marketing or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us at the email address [email protected]